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Latest News


My latest novel, Body and Blood, has finally been released. And it only took seven years! I started writing the story back in 2007 right after the release of Savage, Inc. I wrote half the book in three months, then decided to take a break so I could work on another project (Christmas at Wildwood Farm). That decision would prove near-fatal for Body and Blood, as getting back on track would be extremely challenging. It would take a radio interview with John Austin's Book Club (discussing Savage, Inc.) to spur me onward. After completing the manuscript, it would sit on the shelf to 'marinate' for another two years before I got around to writing the second draft. But now it is finished and ready for public consumption. I hope you enjoy it.


New covers, same attitude...

To commemorate the almost-ten-year anniversary of Station 12, I am re-releasing both Station 12 and Savage, Inc. with brand new covers. The third book in the series is nearing completion, and hopefully will be released by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates.

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